Preparing a dissertation proposal is extremely an essential bit of composing amid scholastic vocation yet because of variety in scholarly strategies of various colleges and schools, understudies might be required to do it any other way. In any case, it is dependably a decent choice to make an incredible dissertation regardless of whether it isn’t necessarily required by the college.

What actually is a Dissertation Proposal?

If you have just been instructed by your professor or teacher to create a dissertation proposal, you might be wondering what it actually is and how you will be able to finish it in time. Well, basically a dissertation proposal is simply a description of the dissertation topic that you have chosen to write about. Few of the main elements are as follow:

  • It may include some important questions which need to be examined and answered logically within your thesis. To make your answer, more authentic, you need to include links and references.
  • Another important element of dissertation is that it also determines empirical as well non empirical research process that how you will be doing research work to find the most relevant information you need to proceed your dissertation.
  • Last but not the least, you will also discuss possible results and outcomes generate in response of your research and discussion.

Why a Dissertation Proposal Has Significance Value?

Writing a dissertation proposal will surely be very helpful for you to save a lot your time that you will have to waste otherwise due to not knowing what you will be doing.In simple words, a DP answers the following questions:

  • What you want to study?
  • Why you need to do research on a particular topic?
  • How the topic will be studied?
  • When you intend to conduct research work?
  • Where you want to conduct this work?

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Some Facts You Need to Know About Dissertation Proposal Writing


A DP is designed for the following purposes:

  • To justify research work
  • To plan a research project
  • To add contributions onto already existing research
  • To show how you can perform research and study work within a set time period


Usually, a dissertation proposal is written to impress advisor as well as academic committee.


  • Follow a writing schedule
  • First prepare an initial draft
  • Note down your thoughts into a diary
  • Exchange ideas with colleagues
  • Avoidplagiarizing ideas

How to Format DP Properly? 8 Main Sections

Here we will also let you know a bit about the format of your proposal so you can have even deeper understanding of how you will be doing it. Some of the main sections of a DP are as follow:

1: Title

It contains important information which is supposed to be part of the title page of your dissertation. It must be clear and concise. You can also put a subtitle here if needed.

2: Abstract

Abstract is another important part in which you can give a brief summary of introduction, background of study, research questions, hypotheses, methods and other procedures. It should be 100-350 words in length but before you write an abstract, confirm from your advisor if you really need to write it or not.

3: Introduction/background

The introduction/background helps to bring your project in discussion with all other similar projects and topics. It provides the readers with essential background info to help them figure out overall focus of the topic.

4: Statement of the problem

Statement of problem is usually incorporated to determine dissatisfaction with already available knowledge about a certain topic. This may also define the main purpose of carrying out research and study that why one wants to give more information in a certain field of studies.

5: Study Background

In a doctoral dissertation, isolated form of undertaking should not be the main topic of discussion rather this should be done in an inquiry type format having lots of useful amount of knowledge in a certain field. Here you need to bring things in a broader background giving an overview of theoretical and empirical works.

6: Hypotheses

Hypotheses need to be discussed keeping in view background of study and there must be logical points to discuss. Each and every answer should be supported by producing solid proofs. On this section of your dissertation proposal, you might have to extend your research criteria.

7: Procedures

This is really an important part of your proposal because in this area you will be giving the information to define the procedures of research and study. Here it is clearly defined that how writer acquires right type of data from valid resources. Additionally, the ways to bring integrity in research process are also discussed. In this section of your proposal, you will be discussing all important procedures/methods.

8: References

Another very important thing about the proposal writing is that the students should be very careful while making citation. Therefore, they must try to integrate standard citation methods in their proposal to maintain required citation standard.

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